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Woodbine Animal Clinic

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About Us

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Our Story

A few years after graduation from the Ontario Veterinary College, Dr. John Littlejohn established the Woodbine Animal Clinic. Since its inception in 1978 it has seen many changes both to the neighbourhood it serves and to the staff and clients within. Dr.Littlejohn and his staff continue to move forward and adapt to the ever-evolving field of veterinary medicine. Through continuing education, the team at Woodbine Animal Clinic is able to use the newest methods of pain management, surgical protocols as well continuing to improve our customer service.

We truly believe in the saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Keeping your pet up to date on their annual exams, vaccines and blood work is the best way to ensure that they remain healthy. Health complications can be identified early when a pet is seen on a regular basis. This is especially true with senior pets whom we recommend be seen every six months as changes can occur faster as your pet ages. When caught early, health complications can be treated and managed, which is less stressful for pets and humans than trying to help a sick pet recover.

If you are not a client and are considering us as your pet’s health care team, we invite you to stop over and meet some of our staff. You’ll see why we are the right choice for you and your pet.

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Pets We Serve

We proudly serve all breeds of household pets, dogs and cats!