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Woodbine Animal Clinic

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Bringing a New Dog Home

a puppy eating out of its dog bowl

Ensure your home and essentials are ready before bringing your new puppy home. Select a variety of toys to discourage chewing on furniture and personal belongings. Necessary items include appropriately sized metal or ceramic bowls, collar and leash, and puppy pads. Consider crate training with a properly sized crate. Opt for size-adjustable crates to accommodate your puppy's growth. Keep harmful items out of reach. Schedule a vet visit with us for a thorough examination, deworming, vaccinations, and diet discussion.

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At your puppy’s first visit, we ask that you bring any history the breeder or shelter may have provided you with, as well as a fecal sample so we can test for parasites. Your puppy will have 3 vaccine visits by the time they are 16 weeks old. This will ensure they are fully vaccinated and protected against harmful dog diseases found in Ontario.

You can view the forms in PDF format by downloading the free Adobe Acrobat reader.

Timeline of your Puppy's First Year (PDF)